So, hello! It's a friendly atmosphere here, so let's be on a first-name basis.
If you, my reader, have come here for another Grail, then alas and ah, it does not exist, moreover, I will make you very sad, the market is impossible to predict.
-That's it, that's it, where's the promised pill? -Where's the promised pill? Let's split up.
-Wait a minute, you don't have to know what's going to happen in a moment to make money in the market. -Hey, wait a minute.
-How's that?
-You just have to pay attention, that's all.
Let's start with who trades in the market? You, me, Petya, Vasya, Sergey... People trade, you know? So, the only thing that distinguishes us all is the size of the traded capital and the more money you have, the harder it is for you to gain or lose a position, add to that the limited liquidity on the market... And.... You see where I'm going with this?

Money moves prices in the market. It doesn't matter if it's one person or several. We don't even care why they're selling or buying here. The most important thing is that we can see that someone is investing a significant amount of money right here, at this point on the chart. Add to this, the place where they do it, the volume they invest, the timing and you have a powerful trading system. This is not a ready-made pill, I am offering you a fishing rod, how you use it is up to you.

I'm a scalper, but that doesn't mean that scalping will work for you. Maybe you make only a few trades a day or a week and you feel comfortable with it. After all, the system is you, remember.

No matter what method of market analysis you use, or indicators, you will always be the last one to receive information from the market. Look, for example, you want to become a first-class mechanic, what do you need to know? Right, every part in the car, what it is for, how they connect and interact with each other. What kind of a specialist will you be if your knowledge is only superficial? Something tells me you won't be.

Look at the price formation on your chart.
Exchange stack - completed deal - displayed price - price on the chart - your super-duper indicator.
And where in this chain are you? Are you a professional or an amateur? Yes, not only knowledge will bring you profit, there is something else that is not related to trading at all, but without which it is impossible to succeed, this is not my competence, for help please follow the links at the bottom of the page.

I have studied almost everything, Price Action, VSA, Footprints, I have reached, as you can see, to the stock market glass with tape. I was lucky that I initially gave up the idea of studying any grails with indicators and formed my own vision of the market. And I will gladly share it with you.
Everything you learn here will work absolutely the same on any market and any instrument, because this is the basis.

So welcome to my humble blog, let's learn everything together. Somewhere you will meet something familiar, and somewhere there will be just unique information, in any case it will be interesting. Also subscribe to my telegram channel.

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